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Arquivo de Janeiro, 2010

23 de Janeiro de 2010 - 12:51


lá estava eu, no intervalo de um shooting (dos catálogos de inverno das marcas Australianas Bebe Sydney e Grace&Heart), folheando a última edição da ‘Russh’ (uma revista Aussie a-lucinante), atrás de referências fotográficas e tal, quando descubro bem no final da revista uma matéria (gigante) sobre astrologia. (adoooro!)
* Ai que alegria! Deixei as fotografias de lado e mergulhei no movimento interplanetário!

A matéria é de Susan Miller, a astróloga, New Yorker, que está se tornando mundialmente famosa.

Se, a princípio, fiquei contente por dar uma respirada fora do planeta moda, foi só começar a ler (meu próprio signo, é claro), para ficar chocada! –

A mulher é genial! Mas, não só porque as previsões, de fato, me deixaram animada, mas pela elaboração de cada página (uma inteirinha para cada signo), com datas importantes no decorrer do ano, descrições sensíveis, positivas e super bem explicadas. A verdade é que Susan quebrou-tudo com previsões detalhadas e o significado claro de cada trânsito. (Na boa, a matéria inteira é de ficar arrepiada).

Well, quem dera essa matéria estivesse na rede e todo mundo pudesse ir lá dar uma olhada… mas não está. Por isso, digo, para corroborar com o ’sistema’ e dar um start na consciência, copiei, um por um, os ‘títulos’ e os primeiros parágrafos das previsões de cada signo.

- Enjoy! ah, sim, está in english, claro, pra ficar mais…original… (ou, complicado)
*anyway, pega lá o dicionário!


:: The Russh Mag 2010 Astrology Report ::
:: By Susan Miller ::

Can you explain the basic principles of astrology for people who are clueless?

Astrology is not destiny. It is the study of planetary cycles, some that repeat and some that are once-in-a-life-time events. The planets creates opportunities and challenges on a regular basis, and it is not what happen to us that matter most, but how we respond to those challenges. Many people become too consumed by the challenges, and in so doing fail to see the brilliant opportunities being laid at their feet. (…). I have always felt that astrology is best used to plan events, and to sidestep difficulties. (…) I can tell you when a difficult time will end and what you must learn from the experience while you are going through it.


March 21st – April 19th (Fire)

Lots of change may be on the way for you in 2010 and all of it will be exciting.
The eclipses of 2010, always the most reliable harbingers of change, will continue a trend started last year, falling in Capricorn and Cancer and hitting the top and bottom points of your horoscope. They are meant to root you out of your routine and will show you that you’re capable of a bigger lifestyle, no matter what your age or experience.

April 20th – May 20th (Earth)

In the coming 12 months, Taurus, migrating planets will gently shift the emphasis away from your career toward making more time for fun and leisure.
For sometime you longed for a more balanced life, but until now you have not been entirely sure how o make that happen. Now you will find the key and no one will be happier than you when you see how easily it is accomplished.

May 21st – June 20th (Air)

In the year ahead you will have the most spectacular professional year in over a decade, and possibly the best in your life.
Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck will begin a new career cycle for you, refreshing your last wonder cycle (1998-99). The coming year may possibly turn out to be one of the biggest in your life. Opportunities at times will seem to come out of leftfield, but actually, if you look deeper, these opportunities will represent reward for years of hard work.

June 21st – July 22nd (Water)

Things are looking up dear Cancer.
For years the fire and air signs have had a stronghold on the lucky aspects of the horoscope but that is changing.
On January 17th, Jupiter will enter water-sign Pisces and in so doing tilt the support firmly towards your water-sign Sun. You have not had support like this in years. International travel and trade as well as opportunities in academia, publishing and broadcasting will be plentiful, and the overall effect will be to broaden your mind and your outlook. You will design your projects in larger scales than you have done in the past, and as a result your success will be bigger too.

July 23rd – August 22nd (Fire)

As you lift your glass of champagne for the new year, there seem to be one pressing wish:
- Your cash flow has to improve. You are tired of the continual surprises that you finances have been subjected to over the past two years. (…) The wonderful news is that Jupiter is about to arrive on you eighth house of others people money on January 17th and stay there for the better part of the full year.

August 23rd – September 22nd (Earth)

The past two an half years have been some of the toughest of your life.
Saturn, the teacher-taskmaster planet, has toured Virgo since September 2007 but finally exited your sign on October 29th 2009. From then on relief was on the way, although it usually takes a bit of time to fully relax after Saturn’s tests are over. (…) You have emerged from those testing years wiser, stronger and more mature.

September 23rd - October 22nd (Air)

Saturn, the teacher planet that brings wisdom and seasoning, is now in Libra, in a once-in-29-year visit.
This, by its very nature, will make this phase on your life incredibly important as Saturn phases are always marked by a need to add substance an structure to everyday existence. If you work with Saturn these periods are also marked by outstanding achievement, for Saturn is associate with the tangible aspects of life.

October 23rd – November 21st (Water)

2010 is due to be one of you happiest in a very long time.
The energy will be directed to both your public and private life, considered on of the most important parts of the chart, so in many ways you are going to get your cake and get to eat it too. Mars, your secondary ruler, will light your house of career in a way you have not seen in recent memory (if ever) in the first half of the year, and your creativity is due to get an enormous boost , so if anyone though they could predict what you were capable of achievement , they will be left awestruck and open-jawed.

November 22nd – December 21st (Fire)

As you enter 2010, you should feel proud of all you have accomplished professionally.
Taskmaster planet Saturn has been touring your tenth house of career status and reputation for more than two years and you probably discovered that when it comes to career almost nothing came easily. Saturn often requires a single-minded approach to matters at the exclusion of everything else, so you probably had to make several lifestyle changes or sacrifices to stay the course. Saturn only comes by once every 29 years for a two year stay, so his teaching has to be memorable enough to stay with you until he has time to return almost three decades later.

December 22nd – January 19th (Earth)

You have just entered a massively important three-year cycle for your career, one that comes by only once every three decades.
Saturn will give you the opportunity of a life time to prove your mettle and allow you to prepare an important leadership position. Unlike Jupiter, a planet that gives benefits immediately, Saturn will make you work very hard and be patient for the professional benefits you will receive eventually. Indeed, you wont see your biggest rewards until Saturn leaves Libra in October 2012. Nevertheless, the gains you do achieve will form the foundation for your life forever.

January 20th – February 18th (Air)

You are entering 2010 in an enviably strong position.
Last year you began a brand new cycle Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, entered Aquarius for the first time in 12 years. At that time you likely made one or more key decision that allowed you to make an important fresh start. The seeds you planted in 2009 will carry you forward all the way to 2020 and beyond, and the direction you have chosen last year appears to have been precisely the right one, even if that is not evident to you yet. This year, you will see solid financial benefit to all the hard work you put in.

February 19th – March 20th (Water)

The coming year, 2010, will be your wonder year.
On January 17th, Jupiter, the giver of gifts, happiness and luck, will enter Pisces for the first time since 1998-99. Jupiter will remain in Pisces until January 22, 2011, and will herald the onset of an extraordinary golden epic for you.
Over the past three years your mettle was severely tested in several areas of your life. At times you may have felt that the challenges where enormous , and coming so frequently and over such a long and arduous period of time that you may have assumed they might never end. They will end, however, and you will see the truth of it in your coming year.
Get set for a complete turnaround to those debilitating conditions and at the same time enter a time of unprecedented growth. As you read this you may feel skeptical, for certainly you’ve seen no evidence that this cosmic correction was on the way for you. Trust that it is. When you begin to see things change for the better, it may just take your breath away.


*Para ler sobre os movimentos in portuguese acesse o link Oscar Quiroga que fica na barra de links alí do lado. (E Quiroga, você já sabe…dispensa comentários!)

- em 2010, I wish you only the best!
com carinho, maria.

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14 de Janeiro de 2010 - 5:51

Amores de Meninas

meminas, com legendas de fotografia

*(A pedidos, eu explico: no lugar de dizeres escritos sobre essas meninas, escolhi dizer com outra fotografia)
Se ajudou, bem. Senão, talvez não seja mesmo para ser entendido..

**(Ah, sim, turu-turu-turu, foi só pra dar um clima).








*Deus ainda me deu muitos outros amores de meminas que não estão aqui… (mas, só por que faltaram mais legendas de fotografia.)

** ah, e as fotos são minhas..
foram todas feitas durante minhas-férias-delíícia
(vou morrer de saudade… tsc, foi a coisa mar linda!)

- Bjo!

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2 de Janeiro de 2010 - 6:31

Outras águas

ou, Não para


O fim do ano traz o nascimento de outro; o fim dos cabelos escuros traz os cabelos brancos; o fim do verão traz o outono e o fim do inverno, a primavera. O fim de ontem trouxe hoje e quando hoje se acabar, o amanhã recomeça.

A gente nasce, cresce, vê que a chuva cessa, que o sol reaparece, que o mundo gira, que os cabelos embranquecem, e aprende que gente também recomeça.

(Uns se reinventam por natureza, outros por desejo ou vaidade, e outros, ainda, por absoluta necessidade).

Viramos o ano, aprendemos a virar o disco e até a mesa se for preciso. Cortamos os gastos, os cabelos e, às vezes, também o barato. Trocamos fraldas, a noite pelo dia e o bar pela padaria. Partimos corações, bolos, e para longe, dentro de enormes aviões. Rompemos a placenta, o silêncio e os laços. Mudamos de casa, de cidade, de país, de profissão, de estado civil, de idéia e também de opinião.

Acho que por isso Mário Quintana deixou escrito “Nunca dês nome a um rio; sempre é outro rio que passa”. (A verdade da poesia é essa: na vida quase nada se acaba.)

Aliás, sendo honesta, confesso: sou do tipo que não sinto obrigação de terminar tudo a que dei inicio. Já parei muito filme chato na metade; deixei de lado livros enjoados; já abandonei um curso, um papo furado, um projeto e um prato. Paro quando sinto o vento da insatisfação – não por preguiça, ou receio de não saber como acabar – meu desejo é tão logo recomeçar.

E se, enfim, a natureza é a infinita ópera da transformação. Então nós, meros intérpretes, nos adaptamos aos ritmos, ora tranqüilos, ora frenéticos dessa imperiosa orquestra.

Somos forças naturais em constante reinvenção. Semente, flor, fruto e suco. Chuva, rio, mar e oceano. Estudante, estagiária, produtora e escritora. Ruiva, morena e loira. Tenista, cozinheira, arrumadeira, cartunista e costureira. Menina, irmã, amiga, mulher, nora, mãe, sogra e avó. Em Vitória, no Rio, Japão ou Londres. Aqui, lá, assim, assado, por cima ou por baixo. (Como as águas que correm por debaixo da ponte, tudo é só por um instante).

Seja como for. o ano velho já passou. Acabou, morreu, já era (!). Mas, como a correnteza não para, (sempre é um novo rio que passa), mais um ano recomeça.

(- Seja beeem feliz!!!)

Maria Sanz Martins

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