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Este blog foi criado para tirar dos cabides pensamentos que devem ser experimentados. Não tenha receio de entrar neste ProvadoR que se propõe a ser amplo e livre de preconceitos. Entre. Prove. E fique à vontade para Levar o que quiser.

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Wilde, O.


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Para assistir,

debater, experimentar, sentir..

:: Dois atuais e um clássico ::

I am Love“,
2009, dirigido por Luca Guadagnino

Crítica - The New Yorker

“The best sex you will get all year, if that’s what you crave in your moviegoing, is between Tilda Swinton and a prawn. In the middle of “I Am Love,” a succulent new film from the Italian director Luca Guadagnino, Swinton’s character, Emma Recchi, sits down to lunch in a Milanese restaurant. Placed before her is a dish of seafood with ratatouille. She takes a bite, and finds herself deluged with sensation. The rest of the room grows dim, surrounding sounds are muffled, and Emma alone begins to glow. She is already incandescent, with her halo-gold hair, and a dress of flame red, but now illumination seems to fan upward from the plate and possess her. (…)” - continue a ler a crítica no The New Yorker

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Mother & Child“,
2010, dirigido por Rodrigo García

Crítica - The New Yorker

“Rodrigo García’s new work is a heartfelt contribution to the increasingly popular genre known as lasagna movies, the trick being—as in “Babel” or “Crash”—to place one layer of narrative on another, alternating with a rich sauce of feeling, and continuing until you reach a tasty depth. In this case, we have the story of Karen (Annette Bening), who, at the age of fourteen, gave up her child for adoption, and has regretted it ever since; the story of that child, now a single predator of thirty-seven named Elizabeth (Naomi Watts), who has had her tubes tied, not wanting a child of her own; and the story of Lucy (Kerry Washington), who cannot have a baby but is preparing to adopt. There is undoubted skill in the film’s construction, and García has assembled a formidable cast, with lesser but crucial parts for performers such as Cherry Jones (as a nun), Jimmy Smits (as the nicest man in the galaxy), and Samuel L. Jackson (as a senior lawyer of boundless sensitivity); while some viewers will lap this up, others will be overwhelmed by the suspicion that they are being taken for a lachrymose ride. What rescues the proceedings is the presence of Bening and, above all, of Watts, both of whom seek to offset the mush by presenting us with women who are not just brittle and dismayed but positively unlikable”.

_____ _____ _____

Kramer Vs. Kramer“,
1979, dirigido por Robert Benton

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*Kramer Vs. Kramer ganhou o Oscar de melhor filme, melhor diretor, melhor ator (Dustin Hoffman), melhor atriz coadjuvante (Meryl Streep) e melhor roteiro adaptado, só!

** De lambuja, dois “para ouvir”
(experimentar, sentir..)

Um da dupla Angus & Julia Stone (irmãos australianos, aqui do bairro… É que eles são daqui de Manly mesmo..) - Enjoy “Big Jet Plane”!

Outro de Florence & the Machine - “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”

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